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Stillwater Update:

Tyler England's new CD is coming out in November. Get the details at

Dave Gant also has a new project. Check in with Dave at his site

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  March 12, 2001

The Pressure is on
Garth has listened to over 3,000 songs already for the new album. His producer Allen Reynolds has listened to over 3,000 also. Garth’s own personal writing by his own admission right now is extremely dark. The pressure is on. The pressure to bring material together that will satisfy not only himself, but the label, the radio stations, the critics and the fans. A self imposed release deadline of Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. ;

  January 21, 2001

One More Day
The other night as I watched the people’s choice awards I waited with anticipation for the moment Garth would perform. I thought about the last time he was on the show....his Mama was there with him and so was his Dad. Now, here he was singing with a background of purple lights, “When You Come Back To Me Again.” 

  December 4, 2000

Dear Santa Garth
HO HO HO! I have some wishes that I need to discuss with you Santa Garth. I realize that I have been a VERY naughty girl....course, you already know that I'm sure. I reckon you'd expect no less from me. However, if nuttin else, seems like my naughtiness should rate me some awesome gifts!

  November 6, 2000

Where The Heart Is
After the Opry I left Nashville with sweet memories and a case of anticipation. For my thirty-sixth birthday, a friend was going to meet me in Nashville for the taping of the Opry special that will be shown Thanksgiving night. The taping would take place the 25th and I’d be turning thirty-six on the 26th so it was a great way to celebrate. Hey what else could I possibly want for my birthday if not Garth?

God had other plans.

  October 27, 2000

Blessings...Not Regrets
What a month October brought to us. Or should I say Garthtober? It started with a visit to the Grand Ole Opry for the celebration of 75 years as the home of Country music. It enthralled us with a press conference that answered many questions we all already knew the answers to in our hearts. It will be remembered as ending with the night that Garth reached a milestone of 100 million sales.

  July 31, 2000

God's Great Angels Like You
On August 6, 1999 God saw fit to take from this Earth a beautiful woman loved by many but loved by none so much as by her own family. Colleen Carroll Brooks faced many challenges and obstacles before she answered God’s call to come home to heaven. She answered each with a strong will, with a tremendous amount of dignity and with an undeniable strength of faith and courage.

  June 4, 2000

Walkin Down Memory Lane
Ever since I went to my first Garth "event" I've saved those precious ticket stubs. For a while, they were put in scrapbooks. Then, they got put in a photo album. Then, after Garth played Ireland a beautiful gift arrived in the mail. It was the pencil drawing of Garth done in 1993. For those of you who've seen it, you know what I mean. Its absolutely breathtaking. The likeness is uncanny.

  April 28, 2000

The Journey
What a journey its been! Who’d have thought that eleven years ago on April 12th that we’d climb on board this wonderful ride that we never want to end? This month Garth Brooks has an anniversary. It’s been eleven years since his first set of songs made it to the general public. All those years ago, this young kid from Oklahoma came bursting onto the Country Music scene with his self titled album, “GARTH BROOKS.”

  December 28, 1999

Just Because It Needs To Be Said
Garth has made an announcement of sorts. He's mentioned a possible  retirement. People, with all I have in me...I ask you to please let him be.  I'm one of the last people who want to see the day come when Garth no longer  tours or is no longer active in the music business. I'm one of the first to  want him to do what he needs to do to feel complete and whole again. It's  actually not that difficult a fence to sit on. Ultimately, you just want what  is best for him.  

  November 19, 1999

"Thanks to the Ragazines!"
Before I begin, I want to thank the writers of the following tabloids. The Star, The National Enquirer, and the National Examiner have all published articles lately that have inspired me to write this totally unbiased, completely unfounded, honestly unreliable, amazingly full of bull piece of crap.

  September 27, 1999

Switching Obsessions? Who Woulda Thunked It?
It's happened. Slowly at first. Then, with a new song called "Lost In You"  played to me from a friends phone in New York it picked up momentum. Then, with each interesting article I read my curiosity was peaking to new levels. Then, I saw HIM. The new man of my dreams. Christian Gaines aka Chris Gaines aka somebody.

  August 1999

"In God's Garden Blooms a Flower"
Sometimes, on the road we travel in life, we are blessed to have our paths cross and if lucky enough, have them connect with people who enrich our lives. I was blessed to have the path I walk cross and connect with Mrs. Colleen Carroll Brooks.

  July 1999

T's Tragic Turn of Events
Dear friends, I come to you with sad news. I am using my sistah's gmail addy. This is Teresa Morrison, from Athens, GA. I am the EVIL WICKED twin sistah to Teresa Morris from Athens, AL. I am taking it upon myself to pass along some devastating news. I was alerted by the family yesterday that a tragedy had taken place at the Morris home. I am just at a loss for words. I can't explain it so I am just going to leave you with the news article I found in the late evening addition of the Athens Gossip Rag dated 6-8-99. By the way, this IS a reliable article. Afterall, the Athens Gossip Rag is a member of the G-sociated Press.

  June 1999

Just Who Is That Masked Man?
Now, I know Garth has said this movie, this character, is NOT about him. I'm not saying it is. But, we all know that Garth has to totally sink himself 110% into anything he tries. When he's on stage, Garth becomes GB. Then, in the beat of a heart, he's Garth again. So, just what's wrong with Garth becoming Chris Gaines for a while?

  May 1999

No column this month

  April 1999
We Shall Be Free
"We shall be free, we shall be free, stand straight, walk proud...we shall be free." These words have echoed in my head for the past few days. Maybe its the vision that I get when I hear this song. Could be my fondness for it on Double Live. Possibly, its because I'm around children so much and to me, this song provokes some thoughts of their futures. Perhaps, its from the interest in Garth's charity for children, the Touch Em All Foundation. It could be that it's a favorite for me since my trading cookies for a kiss happened during the song in Nashville last May. Then, again, it could be what came in my mail the other day.
  March 1999
Touch Em All...You CAN Do Anything You Want
Our Garth is once again chasing one of his dreams. He's taught us well. He's been a constant source of inspiration to us. He's sung about it. He's talked about it. He's believed in it. Now, he's doing it. He's doing something for the children who are our future. He's doing it by living out one of his dreams
  February 1999

This, That And The Assorted Other
Some people have asked me why I'm doing this? There are a lot of reasons really. One being that yes, Garth is taking time off. (I'm still waiting for HIS brain to comprehend what that means.) I believe I am going to have to resort to taking that huge tube of Super Glue to G'ville sooner or later. The man doesn't get the fact that time off...means you RELAX!

  Week of December 21, 1998

One Last Gift To Give
Every day for the past few weeks has brought many beautiful cards to my door. Some days there have been gifts to open. Each one, precious, special, unique...a part of someone's heart. I am so blessed. So very blessed. It's the gifts I already have that I treasure...not so much the ones that are under my tree.

  Week of December 14, 1998

Christmas...The Time For Good Wishes
Another year has passed us by. I look back with a heavy and glad heart. I can't believe the changes we've experienced. As a Mama, watching my little girls grow, as a wife, sharing another year with my soul mate, as a woman, finding out more about myself, as a friend, connecting to others who've affected my life, and as a Garthnutt...cherishing each day of 1998.

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