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Garth Brooks Photo Shoot
Garth Concert Photographs
Hundreds of pictures taken by fans of the 1996-1998 World Tour and additional concert appearances included the Coast to Coast shows of 2001.
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Add Your Photos To Planet Garth

Do you have photos of Garth that you've taken at a concert, the Opry, a baseball field, or anywhere else? Now you can submit your collection for display in the Planet Garth Photo Shoot.

What we'll display
Any picture of Garth. Simple enough? We'll accept other pictures of members of Garth's band Stillwater. We also publish pictures of special guests at Garth's concerts, such as Trisha Yearwood and Steve Wariner. If you have photos that don't meet that criteria, but you think would still be appropriate to post on Planet Garth, let us know and we'll evaluate them.

What we won't display
We'll review every photo submitted to us. However we won't be able to display a photo if it is of poor quality for whatever reason (too big, too small, too blurry). Please keep your photo's file size under 90k each, and less than 450 pixels wide. We also discourage photos with large copyright statements on them. We'll print the copyright holder's name on each photo's page, but we won't display images where the copyright text takes away from the photo itself.

OK, so how do I submit my photos?
Email your photos (JPG only) to We prefer you send all your photos at once in a ZIP file. However, if you can only send one at a time, we'll take those as well. Later this year, this will be an automated process where you can upload your photos directly to the site.

How many photos can I submit?
As many as you want to share.

How long will it take for my photos to appear?
Anywhere from a few hours to a few days. We'll email you when they are on the site.

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9 Collections. 79 Total photos.
11 Collections. 127 Total photos.
16 Collections. 274 Total photos.
Coast To Coast Concerts
Photos from Garth\'s 3 CBS concerts held in Los Angeles, Norfolk, and South Padre Island.

  • Garth in Charleston, West Virginia - February 14, 1997
  • Another of Garth in Charleston - February 14, 1997
  • Garth on stage at Kansas State University - April 26, 1996
  • Another stage shot of Garth - April 26, 1996
  • Garth at a press conference at K-State
  • Garth's fleet of trucks parked outside of Bramlage Colesium

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